Pull It Push It Tow It

Grecco Quality Used Cars is the proud home of the Push, Pull or Drag Trade-in

This great program is another way we help to make the vehicle purchasing experience an easier one for our customers.

  • Do you have a derelict vehicle sitting on your driveway or in the back yard that doesn't run?
  • Is your current vehicle on its last leg?
  • Are you having issues with your vehicle and not sure what to do with it?
  • Is your vehicle one hole away from becoming a Flintstones Car?
  • Have other Dealerships offered you less than $2,000.00 for your trade-in?
  • Are you tired of putting money in to a vehicle that just isn't worth it?
  • Would you like to lower your payments on your next vehicle purchase?

If you answered yes to any of these, we can help!

No matter the condition of your trade-in (it doesn't even have to run) we will give you $2,000.00 for a down payment towards a vehicle in stock.

The program is quite simple:

  • First, bring us your trade-in.
  • Second let us assist you in finding your next vehicle.
  • Third, cash in: That vehicle you thought was worth nothing has now been transformed into a $2,000.00 down payment towards a Pre-owned vehicle from our dealership. If your trade is worth more, we will give you its fair market value!
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